Career Management Services

Take a look below to see what we can put together to build your customized package.


Have your documents written by a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer (NCRW). There are less than 50 in the world, and Kathy Warwick is one of them.

If documents are written as part of a Branding / Documents package, discounts will apply.

  • C-Level Résumé: $925 - $1075
  • Executive-Level Résumé: $825 - $975
  • Senior-Level Résumé: $775 - $875
  • Executive Biography (full page): $300 - $395
  • Professional Bio (half page): $225 - $275
  • Addendum (Leadership/Accomplishment): $250 - $375
  • Letters (Cover / Follow-Up): $150 - $250
  • LinkedIn Profiles: $250 - $375

Personal Branding Services

Phase 1 (Extract)

Through a step-by-step process and a series of online modules developed for the Reach Branding Club (RBC), the global leader in personal branding, we uncover the elements that define your brand. Defining your brand and determining the words for communicating it effectively is a challenge, so this step takes the most time, reflection, and dedication.

Phase 1 is typically 4 one-hour sessions, with homework in between, spread over 4-8 weeks. When complete, you will have defined your vision, purpose, goals, values, and passions, then used that information to develop a written brand statement and a personal profile in bio form (don't worry, I write it!). You will also understand how your brand fits into the big picture. Phase 1 includes a 1-year membership to the Reach Branding Club.

Phase 2 (Express)

Once you have approved your brand statement and personal profile (that can also be used in a branded, targeted résumé), we move on to Phase 2 (Express), where we assess your online identity and develop your career communications plan.

Phase 3 (Exude)

Now that you have a communications plan in place, you need to ensure that everything that surrounds your brand is sending a consistent, on-brand message.

Follow-up Session

Sometimes when sessions end, the client wants to go back and review a few points on their own, and this review can create questions and changes. Or you might need me to hold you accountable for taking the next step or upholding your brand.


  • Phase 1 (Extract) - $1800: 2 - 3 hours coaching time, email support, written brand statement and personal profile, 360Reach, and RBC membership
  • Phase 2 (Express) - $500: 2 hours coaching time to assess online identity and develop a communications plan
  • Phase 3 (Exude) - $250: 1 hour coaching time to manage your brand environment
  • Follow-up Session - $150: 45-minute coaching time to answer questions, make changes, or hold accountable
  • Full Executive Branding Package - $2500: All items above

Additional Services / Affiliations

  • Online Brand Development
  • Executive Job Search Collaboration
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Company Research

Package Pricing

Capitalize on reduced prices by building a package that encompasses all the components you need to move your career forward.

As an example, we can combine Personal Branding Phase 1 with an executive résumé, an addendum, and a targeted recruiter email campaign for $3000 (a $225 savings).


Payment can be made by any major credit card and is required before services and documents are delivered. With larger packages, a payment schedule is implemented.