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Fraudulent résumé sites have recently been popping up on the Web, usually claiming membership in professional career management organizations and displaying the official logos of those organizations. In actuality, these unethical sites are not members and do not hold certification credentials of the organizations. Typically, clients who “contract” with these companies pay their fee and receive little or nothing in return. When the professional organizations take steps to question these companies, they quickly shut down their website, only to start another under a different company name.

In order to protect yourself from scams, always verify memberships and/or certifications claimed by a résumé service. The following are the addresses of the industry-recognized organizations where you can verify memberships and certifications.

National Résumé Writer’s Association (NRWA)

Career Management Alliance

Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches

Career Directors International

Association of Online Résumé & Career Professionals

If you visit a résumé site showing association logos and you’re not able to verify that the writer is a member of that organization, be very careful.

Kathy Warwick
Certified Résumé Writer, Personal Brand Strategist, and Career Coach