Why Personal Branding

In 1997, Tom Peters wrote the article "The Brand Called You" for Fast Company Magazine. Since then, people have realized that personal branding enhances your ability to understand and express what is unique about you - the value you bring - to give you the edge over the competition in interviews and everyday work situations.

Personal branding is permission to be yourself. By defining your goals, recognizing your strengths, and uncovering your vision and purpose, personal branding helps you define and articulate your value to the marketplace so that you can guide your business decisions and find a position that allows you to remain true to your values ... making the next step the right step.

Once you have the ability to clearly articulate your value and constantly live by your personal brand, you will be able to demand a premium for your services. By focusing on your strengths, your personal brand demonstrates why you are the best turnaround manager, or the best global manager, or the best innovator of technology in the industry. And companies are willing to pay more to have the best.

So, why personal branding? Because building and nurturing your personal brand helps you understand yourself better, increase your confidence, enhance your visibility, create a clear focus for your career, boost your income, thrive during economic downturns, expand into new business areas, and ultimately reach your goals.